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Innovative tools for skin diagnostics

FibroTx has developed highly versatile research and development tools for biomarker discovery and validation based on two patent pending technological platforms: Transdermal Analysis Patch (TAP) and Skin Exploration Lateral Flow (SELF).

TAP microarray

TAP and SELF diagnostic systems enable measuring levels of secreted and diffusable regulatory molecules directly from the skin surface. Some examples include:

  • chemokines
  • interleukins
  • growth factors
  • anti-microbial peptides.

TAP and SELF can be used to diagnose skin conditions and diseases as well as to help in the selection of most effective treatment options. Both tests build on the wealth of knowledge obtained from biomarker studies obtained from biopsies.


Unlike biopsy, TAP and SELF are non-invasive and allow simple and nearly unlimited measurements of biomarkers characteristic to various skin conditions in clinical dermatology and skin care studies. The non-invasive nature and ease-of-use allow simultaneous measurement of:

  • different biomarkers
  • different body areas
  • lesional vs healthy skin
  • treated vs untreated skin.
SELF multiplex