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Partnering in Development of Skin diagnostic tests

FibroTx has long time extensive experience in biomarker discovery, skin biomarker analysis using TAP technology and product development of SELF based skin tests.

We offer co-development of SELF based skin diagnostic tests for:

  • different skin conditions including different skin diseases or skin manifestation of different diseases,
  • determining effectiveness of skin treatments, both clinical and skin care,
  • companion diagnostic tests for dermatological drugs in development,
  • any other use of skin biomarkers.

Test development consists of following steps:

  1. Identification of biomarkers characteristic for specific conditions
  2. Development of TAP test using identified biomarkers
  3. Validation of biomarkers
  4. Development of SELF test
  5. Validation of SELF prototypes
  6. Design, manufacturing and validation of SELF product
Product development process

Please contact FibroTx to discuss your needs and requirements, and to initiate the co-development.